Comparing Email Verification Companies

An unresponsive or stale list can pose multiple problems yet most companies don’t verify their email lists before sending. This can cause deliverability to be hurt when it doesn’t need to be.

If you plan to clean your list, a reputable email verification provider is essential.

Everyday, millions of emails go unopened by subscribers and prospects. Here are some reasons emails don’t get opened by the intended reader.

  • A lack of relationship with the subscriber who isn’t expecting to get promotional or content emails.
  • Email messages that don’t offer valuable, relevant content such as useful information or news.
  • The people receiving emails didn’t opt-in to receive messages on a regular basis.

If you send emails this way, it is probable your delivery rates and online email reputation will become worse.

Internet Service Providers monitor permission-based and non-permission-based emails. Sending thousands or millions of emails to folks who didn’t opt-in means you’re probably violating spam laws, with the exception of the U.S. CAN-SPAM. But deliverability-wise even in that case, it should be avoided from the start.

Say your problem is in the email list and plan to clean it the next step is to find a reputable and experienced Email Validation Provider. Read on to see some of the criteria you can consider in choosing one.

How will you use the verification service?

Decide what your goals are for your email verification project. Are you trying to reach new prospects that opted-in, but haven’t been mailed to? Do you plan to clean your email list two or more times per year?

With a better understanding of how the email validation service is going to be used and your data flows will be, will help you plan and uncover how many times during the year you need to use that email validation provider.

What is your email marketing budget?

You’ve heard the old saying, “less is more”. That’s not always the case in email marketing. For instance a bigger database and email list is always better and more emails delivered in the inbox is certainly better. With email verification, cheaper is not always better either. The cheapest options may not have everything you need.

No matter which provider you choose, you’re also buying their reputation. What do their current reviews say? Do they have the products and services to justify spending your money with them?

Validate as many emails at once as you can. It’s more cost effective. You can allocate money you save to other parts of your email marketing campaigns.

What level of service do you require?

Before choosing a provider, decide which level of service you want. With self-service you upload your email lists. A full service email validation provider will do everything for you.

Check different providers who have free trial offers. You can test their validation services on a portion of your email lists. You’ll learn if self-service or full service is better for you.

What’s your processing plan?

Once your validated emails are returned, you will need to process them and put them into your email marketing or CRM system. Possibly update some or remove.

Creating a plan for processing returned email data will make the uploading stage easier. It allows you to get started on launching your email campaign, faster.

Required email validation capabilities?

One way to compare email validation providers is to check their capabilities. Here are some key capabilities to look for.

First, the provider must be able to validate emails on the top email domains. These include Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast and MSN. Second, are they customer-focused? How fast does someone get back to you if you have a problem?

Email verification providers can have a lot of clients. It’s easy to be treated like another number. Look for providers who offer knowledgeable help and experience fast.