Once you’ve built your email list it’s easy to lose track of why it was so great to begin with. Your list is the center piece of your customer communication. But it is easy to start seeing subscribers as numbers and only look at the aggregate returns.

Show your email list some love and it will grow and be more responsive. Robin S was right, your subscribers ask you to show the love and need someone who really cares.
Here is the video for some beats.

Ignoring your subscribers can keep your email list and email marketing from growing your business like it should.

Here are four tactics to never forget.

Tactic #1: Database Segmentation

Not all of your customers are the same. They will respond best to email messages tailored to their specific problems and needs. Email database segmentation means separating your email lists so these groups are catered to. Lists can be split and segmented by age, occupation, lifestyle, interests, engagement, the possibilities are almost endless.

Once your email database is properly segmented, you can customize your email messages. Now subscribers will start getting emails (more) relevant to them.

The goal is to insure your email messages engage subscribers and generate a response. Sending emails no one wants will hurt your customer relationships and overall email marketing strategy.

Tactic #2: Email List Cleaning

Imagine crafting a relevant, benefit-rich email message to your subscribers. Now imagine they never get it. If your message never reaches your subscribers all of your work was for nothing.

Email list cleaning includes removing inactive emails, checking for spelling errors, duplicate emails and in some cases honeypots or spam traps. Part of this you can do yourself. Even at the gate when new subscribers come in. Or you employ your agency to do it for you. An email validation provider can check on some more points.

You will increase your deliverability with a clean list. Continue this practice and you will be sending email messages to a captive audience.

Tactic #3: Lead and Activity Scoring

You might have heard about lead scoring. The practice of finding when and how attractive leads are, by assigning them a score based on activity and profile. The same tactic can be used to filter out inactive subscribers from your list.

It’s best to find your inactive subscribers, so you can “replace” them with active ones. If your deliverability is hurting, filtering out the inactive segment may bring relief.

You’ll find which email addresses are active, inactive and discover which subscribers are opening your email messages. Email activity scoring takes the guesswork out of who is or isn’t responding to your email messages.

The more messages you can send to an active and engaged subscriber list the more response you can expect.

Tactic #4: Enrich your data

It is obvious, but you want to know what your audience is eager to hear. The more you know about your subscribers, the easier it will be to target them and send interesting and engaging messages. This means getting on top of profile enrichment. Ask your subscribers what they want to see. You can use a preference center, ask when they sign up, combining the data with purchase and click behavior if possible.

Showing the love

Stay on top of segmentation, list cleaning, enriching profiles or removing inactive emails. All four tactics are important in your email marketing strategy. Show your email database some love and it will grow and be more responsive.